Health and Physical Activity

Enhancing Life Through Wellness Education

The Health and Physical Activity department at the Pitt School of Education is positioned at the evolving intersection between education and health. The department's mission is to teach and study the spectrum and pattern of physical activity and the promotion of health and disease prevention across the lifespan and in diverse populations and settings. Our work has behavioral, physiological, public health, and translational considerations. 

Our faculty members are at the leading edge of wellness programs that address the nation's shortfall of professionals in the areas of health, fitness, and health-related research. 

Academic Offerings

Our Department of Health and Physical Activity offers graduate and undergraduate degree programs. Program types include the Bachelor of Science degree, undergraduate minors, Master of Science degree, and PhD and EdD programs. 

Outreach Programs

Our Department of Health and Physical Activity supports the community at the University of Pittsburgh and the broader community through its service and outreach programs.

  • Healthy Lifestyle Institute - The institute is a university-wide initiative that supports research and outreach aimed at improving the health and wellness of the Pitt community and the general public.
  • Community Leisure Learn Program - The program proves university outreach to coordinate health and fitness activities for the communities surrounding the university

Research Impact

The research portfolio of our Department of Health and Physical Activity covers a range of areas. These include physical activity and lifestyle intervention and measurement, behavior change, technology intervention and measurement, alternative forms of physical activity, physiology and biological pathways, nutrition and eating behavior, and research pertaining to specific population groups and settings.

Faculty Members