Healthy Lifestyle Institute

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**Currently, all programming is paused at the Healthy Lifestyle Institute. For inquiries, please contact the Pitt Education Office of the Dean at**

Founded in 2017, the Healthy Lifestyle Institute (HLI) at the University of Pittsburgh School of Education strives to enhance the overall health, wellbeing, and quality of life of individuals within the University and across the greater Pittsburgh region.

The HLI aims to improve healthy lifestyles by creating wellness programming, supporting action-oriented research, and strengthening collaborative partnerships. The institute is based within Pitt Education’s Department of Health and Human Development.

Improving Behaviors

The HLI works to develop and implement health and wellness programs for the University of Pittsburgh and the communities across Western Pennsylvania. These efforts aim to enhance quality of life and health across the lifespan. 

Past programming includes:

  • Fitness and exercise classes offered to Pitt faculty and staff
  • Schools on the Move initiative to provide grant funds to school districts

Advancing Research

The HLI aims to address impactful questions related to lifestyle factors of interest to the National Institutes of Health and the scientific community, as well as of interest to clinical and community initiatives to improve health.

Previously, the HLI offered an annual Pilot and Feasibility program in which it awarded up to $25,000 in funding to research programs. The goal was to stimulate research about the relationship between lifestyle and health-related outcomes in order to develop novel intervention strategies. 

Fostering Partnerships

The HLI seeks strategic community and private partnerships that allow for the implementation and evaluation of efforts to improve healthy lifestyles. 

Partner groups include:

  • University of Pittsburgh faculty and staff
  • K-12 school districts in Western Pennsylvania
  • Health and wellness-focused nonprofits
  • Out-of-school and community organizations

Mailing Address

University of Pittsburgh Health Lifestyle Institute
32 Oak Hill Court
Pittsburgh, PA 15261