Student Assistance Program Research Center

Student Assistance Programs (SAPs) are a school-based approach to providing focused services to students seeking support or needing interventions for academics, behavior, and attendance often due to deeper concerns relating to substance abuse, mental health, or social issues. They are a process—not a curriculum or treatment center—that connects programs and services within and across school and community systems to create a network of supports to help students. As a process, SAPs identify students in need of intervention, assess these students' specific needs, and provide them with support and referral to appropriate resources. The overarching goal of SAPs is to remove barriers to education so that a student may achieve academically.

The Student Assistance Program Research Center provides leadership in the development and implementation of evidence-based Student Assistance Programs. Current projects are researching the prevalence and performance of Student Assistance Programs across the United States

Resource Links

  • Pennsylvania's Student Assistance Program (Dept of Ed) 
  • Pennsylvania Association of Student Assistance Professionals 

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Health and Physical Activity/MAPS
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