Faculty and Research

Professor Receives Early Career Award from American Educational Research Association

July 31, 2020
Faculty and Research

Lindsay Page, an associate professor in the University of Pittsburgh School of Education, received the 2020 Early Career Award from the American Educational Research Association (AERA). Page specializes in using quantitative methods to investigate the impact of educational policies and practices.

New Book Situates Improvement Science in EdD Programs

July 1, 2020
Faculty and Research

Jill Perry, an associate professor of practice at the University of Pittsburgh School of Education, has published a new book about improvement science that will serve as a guide for higher education faculty, students, and practitioners for implementing the methodology in their educational programs.

New Study Gives Guidance on STEAM Education Integration

June 30, 2020
Faculty and Research

New research by professor Cassie Quigley offers guidance on how the effectively design and implement STEAM education units in schools. It comes at a time as more schools are revamping their curriculum to integrate the arts and humanities into science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs.

Ergonomics Tips for Working at Home

May 14, 2020
Faculty and Research

Millions of Americans are working from home in the ongoing public health effort to halt the spread of coronavirus. But many don’t have the benefit of home offices. They are creating makeshift workspaces from their dining room tables, kitchen counters, living room couches, or folding tables and chairs.

Professor Honored for Literacy Work with Refugee Youth

May 5, 2020
Faculty and Research

To be an immigrant or refugee in the United States is to constantly face challenges with employment, transportation, healthcare, education, and everyday errands. “Their path to the United States was not easy. They have an enormous amount of strength and courage,” says Pitt Education faculty member Amanda Godley.

Laying Roots to Become a National Center for Rural Education

December 18, 2019
Faculty and Research

In small towns across America, public schools are a community lifeline. When they struggle, their community struggles. And many rural schools are feeling the pain. Enrollment is declining, costs are rising, public health is worsening, and there is a shortage of qualified personnel. 

“Rural education is important. A lot of people don’t understand how important it is and take it...

New Book Brings Practitioner Lens to Hispanic Serving Institutions

March 26, 2020
Faculty and Research

Cover art by Alberto Ledesma

University of Pittsburgh School of Education faculty member Gina Garcia, who is recognized as a leading expert in the study of Hispanic Serving Institutions, recently published a new book, “Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) in Practice: Defining ‘Servingness’ at HSIs.” 

Garcia collected and edited the 16 chapters that make up the book....

New Study: Food Intake Can Fall with Distracted Eating

March 25, 2020
Faculty and Research

Distracted eating has become a new national pastime. After all, who among us hasn’t eaten lunch while checking email at work, snuck in a snack while driving, squeezed in a bite while on the phone, or eaten while engaged in any number of tasks?

Conventional wisdom—and prior research—suggests that eating while distracted will cause people to overeat...

Faculty Member Publishes Book about STEAM Education

March 24, 2020
Faculty and Research

In a classroom at Westside Elementary School in Wisconsin, three fifth-grade students are huddled around a piece of paper with a diagram of their school cafeteria drawn on it. “I think we have the right idea but the wrong design,” says one of the children. “If we make the tables close to each other, it will be too loud.”

The children were designing a solution to noise...

New Book Focuses on Equity and Justice in Literacy Education

March 2, 2020
Faculty and Research

Valerie Kinoch, the Renée and Richard Goldman Dean of the University of Pittsburgh School of Education, has released a new co-edited book titled, Race, Justice, and Activism in Literacy Instruction. It advocates for social change by encouraging educators to engage in equity and justice-centered literacy work.

New Book Addresses Student Socialization in Higher Education

February 25, 2020
Faculty and Research

In graduate schools across the world, students studying higher education will soon be using a new book developed by faculty at the University of Pittsburgh School of Education. 

Associate Professor Linda DeAngelo and Emeritus Faculty John Weidman are editors of the new volume Socialization in Higher Education and the Early Career: Theory, Research and Application,...

Professor Provides National Guidance on Braille Code Changes

January 22, 2020
Faculty and Research

The braille community in the United States is adjusting to major changes to the braille code — the most significant changes in more than 30 years, in fact. 

Up until 2016, braille materials were provided in two formats. Literary code was delivered through the English Braille American Edition (EBAE) and mathematics and science code was delivered through Nemeth code....

Professor Honored With National Literacy Research Award

January 22, 2020
Faculty and Research

Jon-Philip “Jay” Imbrenda, a faculty member at the University of Pittsburgh School of Education, is the recipient of the 2019 Arthur Applebee Award for Excellence in Research on Literacy, one of the highest honors in the field of literacy education.

Shifting Power Structures in Educational Research and Development

January 13, 2020
Faculty and Research

The University of Pittsburgh and Remake Learning have received a $1 million grant to develop an innovative network of Educators of Color and learning scientists who will work together to transform how research and development (R&D) are conducted in education.

This network, to be created in Western Pennsylvania with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is...

Higher Education Professor Selected for National Leadership Academy

January 9, 2020
Faculty and Research

Max Schuster, a faculty member in the higher education management program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Education, was recently selected for the 2019-20 NASPA Emerging Faculty Leader Academy.

The academy is a one-year program designed for early-career faculty in student affairs and higher education graduate programs. Highly selective in nature, the academy only...

Professor Receives National Research Award for Improving Literacy of the Visually Impaired

December 20, 2019
Faculty and Research

Tessa McCarthy, a faculty member in the Vision Studies program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Education, was recently awarded the prestigious 2019 Alan J. Koenig Research in Literacy Award.

Professor Wins Award for Leadership in World Languages and Cultures

December 19, 2019
Faculty and Research

“Kreng jai.”

This Thai phrase, which means “awe of the heart’,” is one of the most difficult Thai expressions to grasp, according to Richard Donato, a foreign language education professor of the University of Pittsburgh School of Education.

Donato explains that the phrase is often said when a person does not want to burden another or be inconsiderate of another’s time or...

Professor’s New Book on Hispanic-Serving Institutions Receives National Attention

December 17, 2019
Faculty and Research

There are over 435 Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) in the United States—and the number is growing every year.

Gina Garcia, a University of Pittsburgh School of Education faculty member, is widely recognized as an expert in the field. After over a decade of institutional research and about 20 published articles, she published her book, Becoming Hispanic Serving...

Professor Receives Provost’s Award for Diversity in the Curriculum

December 17, 2019
Faculty and Research

Each year, the University of Pittsburgh Provost’s Award for Diversity in the Curriculum recognizes five faculty members across the university for their active work to integrate equity and social justice work into their classroom instruction.

Lori Delale-O’Connor, an assistant professor in the Center for Urban Education (CUE) in the School of Education, was recognized for her design of...

Grant Supports Leadership Development of Superintendents

September 23, 2019
Faculty and Research

Pictured: Jerry Longo (right) poses with Bill Isler (left), a Forum for Western Pennsylvania School Superintendents participant, as Isler accepts the Forum’s Voice of Advocacy Award. 

Pitt School of Education faculty member Jerry Longo has received $120,000 in grant funding to provide continued support for the leadership development programs he coordinates for superintendents and...

Professor Ross Selected to Extended Diversity Experience

September 18, 2019
Faculty and Research
The Health and Physical Activity faculty member will forge interdisciplinary connections into the curriculum.

For Pitt School of Education faculty member Sharon E. Ross, equity and justice are more than just a pair of buzzwords - they are personal and professional passions. She was recently selected for the 2019-2020 Extended Diversity Experience at the University of Pittsburgh. 

Professor Garcia Elected to the ASHE Board

September 11, 2019
Faculty and Research

Pitt School of Education faculty member Gina Garcia has been elected to the board of directors of the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE), a prestigious appointment that puts her at the forefront of her field.

With over 2,000 members, the ASHE is a national organization for scholarship in higher education administration. Garcia’s appointment will run from 2019-2021....

Prof. Maureen Porter Receives Outstanding International Educator Award

September 10, 2019
Faculty and Research
The Honor Recognizes Her Contributions in Contexts Around the World

For nearly 30 years, University of Pittsburgh School of Education faculty member Maureen Porter has been an anthropologist of education. She is driven to create research–practice partnerships for students, faculty, and the community in culturally responsive contexts around the world.

In recognition of her...

Decoding the Benefits of Exercise at the Molecular Level

September 5, 2019
Faculty and Research
New study seeks insights on the benefits of exercise for individuals

Science has proven that exercise is good for human health. But exactly why this is true—a full understanding of the biological processes that produce the health benefits—is not well understood.

And even less understood is knowledge about which forms of exercise are the most beneficial to a specific person...