Alyssa K. Parr
Graduate Student Assistant

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Recent Publications

Fredricks, J. A., Wang, M.-T., Schall Linn, J., Hofkens, T. L., Sung, H., Parr, A., & Allerton, J. (2016). Using qualitative methods to develop a survey measure of math and science engagement. Learning and Instruction, 43, 5-15.
Parr, A. K., & Bonitz, V. S. (2015) Role of Family Background, Student Behaviors, and School-Related Beliefs in Predicting High School Dropout. The Journal of Educational Research, 108, 504-514.
Palacios, N., Kibler, A. K., Baird, A. S., Parr, A., & Bergey, R. (2015). An examination of language practices during mother-child play activities among Mexican immigrant families. International Multilingual Research Journal, 9, 197-219.
Alyssa K. Parr


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