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Olshefski, C.*, Lugini, L.*, Singh, R.*, Litman, D. & Godley, A. (2020). The Discussion Tracker Corpus of Collaborative Argumentation. For Conference Proceedings of the 2020 Language Resources and Evaluation Conference.
Jensen, E.*, Donnelly, P.J., Dale, M.*, Kelly, S., Godley, A., D'Mello, S. (2019). Toward Automated Feedback on Teacher Discourse to Enhance Teaching Effectiveness. In Proceedings of the 2020 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. Honolulu, Hawaii.
Godley, A. (forthcoming). Conventions of Standardized English. Enhanced SAT Suite Evidentiary Base (ELA/Literacy). Princeton, NJ: The College Board.
Newstadt, M. & Godley, A. (2019). Using Rubrics to Teach Science Writing. Writers Who Care Blog Post,
Stone, C.*, Donnelly, P.J., Dale, M.*, Capello, S.*, Kelly, S., Godley, A., D'Mello, S. (2019). Utterance-level modeling of indicators of engaging classroom discourse. In Proceedings of the 2019 Educational Data Mining Conference. Montreal, Canada.
Lugini, L.*, Litman, D., Godley, A. & Olshefski, C.* (2018). Annotating Student Talk in Text-based Classroom Discussions. In Proceedings of the 13th Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications.
Peer-reviewed journal proceedings
Loretto, L.*, DeMartino, S.* & Godley, A. (2018). Incorporating Students' Perspectives in the Design of Peer Review Activities. Writers Who Care Blog Post,
blog post
Wang, X.*, Chen, Y.*, Godley, A. & Rose, C. (2018). Public Peer Review Motivates Higher Quality Feedback. In Proceedings of the 13th International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS'18).
Peer reviewed conference proceeding
Loretto, L.*, DeMartino, S.* & Godley, A. (2018). What Do High School Students Think About Peer Review? Writers Who Care Blog Post, .
Blog Post

Book Chapters

Sondel, B., Godley, A. and DeAngelo, L. (forthcoming). Forward: Confronting Antisemitism on Campus (ed. V. Stead). New York: Peter Lang.
Godley, A.J., Friedman, J., Gurgiolo, M., Somerville, N. & Taylor, S. (2013). Teaching mirror poems: A mirror for teaching poetry. In Luskey, M. & Wolfe, C.A. (Eds.) The working poet: A collection of lessons, reflections and poetry from teachers and students in Western Pennsylvania (pp. 164-175). Pittsburgh, PA: Autumn House Press.


Godley, A.J. & Reaser, J. (2018). Critical language pedagogy: Interrogating language, dialects and power in teacher education. "Social Justice Across Contexts in Education" Series. Peter Lang Publishing.
reported last year - now in press


Loretto, A., DeMartino, S. & Godley, A.J. (2016). Secondary students' perceptions of peer review of writing. Research in the Teaching of English, 51(2), 134-161.
Schunn, C.D., Godley, A.J. & Martino, S. (2016). The reliability and validity of peer review of writing in high school AP English classes. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy. 60(1), 13-23. doi: 10.1002/jaal.525
Bissonnette, J., Reaser, J., Hatcher, J. & Godley, A.J. (in press). Regional Differences in Pre-Service Teachers' Responses to Critical Language Pedagogies. Southern Journal of Linguistics.
Godley, A., Monroe, T. & Castma, J. (in press). Increasing access to and success in Advanced Placement English in Pittsburgh Public Schools. English Journal.
Godley, A.J., Reaser, J. & Moore, K. (2015). Pre-service English language arts teachers' development of critical language awareness for teaching. Linguistics and Education.
Godley, A.J. (2013). Equivocal Equity: The Struggles of a Literacy Scholar, White Middle-Class Urban School Parent, and Grassroots Activist. Research in the Teaching of English, 48(2), 250-260.
Godley, A.J. & Loretto, A. (2013). Fostering counter-narratives of race, language, and identity in an urban English classroom. Linguistics and Education, 24, 316-327.
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