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Sondel, B., Godley, A. and DeAngelo, L. (forthcoming). Forward: Confronting Antisemitism on Campus (ed. V. Stead). New York: Peter Lang.
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Lugini, L.*, Litman, D., Godley, A. & Olshefski, C.* (2018). Annotating Student Talk in Text-based Classroom Discussions. In Proceedings of the 13th Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications.
Peer-reviewed journal proceedings
Loretto, L.*, DeMartino, S.* & Godley, A. (2018). Incorporating Students' Perspectives in the Design of Peer Review Activities. Writers Who Care Blog Post,
blog post
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Peer reviewed conference proceeding
Loretto, L.*, DeMartino, S.* & Godley, A. (2018). What Do High School Students Think About Peer Review? Writers Who Care Blog Post, .
Blog Post


Godley, A.J. & Reaser, J. (2018). Critical language pedagogy: Interrogating language, dialects and power in teacher education. "Social Justice Across Contexts in Education" Series. Peter Lang Publishing.
reported last year - now in press


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Godley, A.J. & Loretto, A. (2013). Fostering counter-narratives of race, language, and identity in an urban English classroom. Linguistics and Education, 24, 316-327.
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