Brian M. Galla

Research Overview

Dr. Galla’s research combines laboratory and field research to better understand how self-control and mindfulness contribute to positive development during adolescence and young adulthood.

For Prospective Graduate Students

Are you interested in pursuing graduate study with Dr. Galla? Do you have interests in self-control and mindfulness during adolescence and young adulthood? If so, please contact Dr. Galla for more information about joining the lab. Please also refer to the Applied Developmental Psychology department website for information on applying to the doctoral program.

For Volunteers and Work-Study Students

If you are interested in joining the lab as an undergraduate volunteer, please contact Dr. Galla. Interested students should plan to devote 8 to 10 hours per week in the lab. Volunteers will get hands-on experience at all stages of the research process.

School Affiliations

Recent Grants

Personalizing Undergraduate STEM Learning through Mobile Mindfulness Training. Principal Investigators: Brian M. Galla & Timothy Nokes-Malach. Agency: Office of the Provost. Project Period: 02/01/18 - 06/30/19. Amount: $25,000.

Recent Publications

Tumminia, M. J., Colaianne, B. A., Roeser, R. W., & Galla, B. M. (2020). How is mindfulness linked to negative and positive affect? Rumination as an explanatory process in a prospective longitudinal study of adolescents. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, Advance online publication.
Galla, B. M., Tsukayama, E., Yu, A., Park, D., & Duckworth, A. L. (2020). The mindful adolescent: Developmental changes in nonreactivity to inner experiences and its associations with emotional well-being. Developmental Psychology, 56, 350-363.
Galla, B. M., Shulman, E. P., Plummer, B. D., Gardner, M., Hutt, S. J., Goyer, J. P., D'Mello, S. K., Finn, A. S., & Duckworth, A. L. (2019). Why high school grades are better predictors of on-time college graduation than are admissions test scores: The roles of self-regulation and cognitive ability. American Educational Research Journal, 56, 2077-2115.
Brian M. Galla


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