Byeong-Young Cho - Awards and Honors

University of Pittsburgh Hewlett International Grant Award

Apr 2019

Mitroff Fund

Feb 15, 2018

The University of Pittsburgh School of Education provides an annual award from the Donna and Ian Mitroff Fund focusing on individuals who are working with educational media and technology. Through the School of Education, the Donna and Ian Mitroff Fund will provide an annual award of $5,000 to a faculty member, graduate student, or undergraduate student in his/her junior or senior year in the School of Education, including our Applied Developmental Psychology program. The recipient are selected based on their research and/or field of study which is concentrated on the intersections of children’s learning and technology in formal and informal educational settings and in society at-large. This fund is administered by the Dean of the School of Education.

The Chicago Education Workshop Lecture

Oct 24, 2017

Educational scholarship at Chicago has enjoyed and continues to enjoy an exciting and deliberate interdisciplinary role in addressing issues of educational inequality and improving academic outcomes for students. For more than a decade, the university has been deeply involved in efforts to improve schooling for students on the South Side of Chicago and to study the impact of these reform efforts. In 2006, the university launched a new Committee on Education, comprised of distinguished scholars in Comparative Human Development, Economics, Psychology, Public Policy, Social Service Administration, and Sociology. The Workshop on Education, with the support of the Council on Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences, the Committee on Education, and the members of the pre-doctoral Interdisciplinary Research Training Program in the Education Sciences, enables education scholars throughout the University to explore the implications of contemporary education theory and methodology in an interdisciplinary group setting.

KAERA Michael B. Salwen Scholars Program Award


Korean-American Educational Researchers Association

AERA Committee on Scholars of Color in Education Early Career Scholar


American Educational Research Association

IRA Outstanding Dissertation of the Year Award Winner


International Reading Association

NAEd Adolescent Literacy Predoctoral Fellow


National Academy of Education

Graduate School Summer Research Fellow


University of Maryland Graduate School

Karla P. Miller Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Research


University of Maryland Department of Curriculum and Instruction

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