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Fertman, C. (2018). Facilitating and supporting EdD students' scholar practitioner writing as an epistemological tool. Impacting Education: Journal on Transforming Professional Practice.
Sidani, J., Shensa, A., Yabes, J., Fertman, C., & Primack, B. (2018). Waterpipe tobacco use in college and non-college young adults in the US. Family Practice.

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Fertman,m C & Dake, J. (2017). Big Data and Health Promotion Programs. In C. Fertman & D. Allensworth, (Editors) (2017) Health Promotion Programs From Theory to Practice (2nd edition). San Francisco, CA: Wiley.
ISBN: 978-1-119-16333-6
Fertman, C., Allensworth, D, & Auld, E (2017). What Are Health Promotion Programs? In C. Fertman & D. Allensworth, (Editors) (2017) Health Promotion Programs From Theory to Practice (2nd edition). San Francisco, CA: Wiley.
Fertman, C., Spiller, K. & Mickalide, A. (2017). Where Money Meets Mission: Developing and Increasing Program Funding. In C. Fertman & D. Allensworth, (Editors) (2017) Health Promotion Programs From Theory to Practice (2nd edition). San Francisco, CA: Wiley.


Fertman, C. & Allensworth, D. (Editors) (2017). Health Promotion Programs From Theory to Practice (2nd edition). San Francisco, CA: Wiley.
Comprehensive coverage, real-world issues, and a focus on the practical aspects of health promotion

Health Promotion Programs combines theory and practice to deliver a comprehensive introduction to the planning, implementation, and evaluation of health promotion programs. Presenting an overview of best practices from schools, health care organizations, workplaces, and communities, this book offers clear, practical guidance with an emphasis on hands-on learning. This new second edition has been updated to include discussion on today's important issues, including health equity, the Affordable Care Act, big data, E-health, funding, legislation, financing, and more. New coverage includes programs for underserved priority populations at a geographically-diverse variety of sites, and new practice and discussion questions promote engagement on highly-relevant topics.

Public health is a critical aspect of any society, and health promotion programs play an important role. This book provides clear instruction, practical guidance, and multiple avenues to deeper investigation.

  • Plan health promotion programs from the basis of health theory
  • Gain in-depth insight on new issues and challenges in the field
  • Apply what you're learning with hands-on activities
  • Access digital learning aids and helpful templates, models, and suggestions

Designed to promote engagement and emphasize action, this book stresses the importance of doing as a vital part of learning—yet each step of the process is directly traceable to health theory, which provides a firm foundation to support a robust health promotion program. Health Promotion Programs is the essential introductory text for practical, real-world understanding.


Fertman, C. & Allensworth, D. (Editors) (2015). 健康促进计划:从理论到实践. Shanghai, China: Second Military Medical University Press.
Chinese edition of the Health Promotion Program From Theory to Practice printed / published in 2015 and released in 2016 More
Fertman, C. (2015). Workplace Health Promotion Program Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation. San Francisco, CA: Wiley Jossey-Bass Publishers.

Workplace Health Promotion Programs focuses on the incredible value that employee health programs can offer by exploring six key topics: behavioral health, physical health, healthy environments, health education, nutritional health, and physical activity. This in-depth resource explicitly establishes what successful workplace health promotion programs, services, and collaborations are, and then builds upon this foundational understanding by introducing methods and tools for promoting employee health and safety, while emphasizing the skills students need to do so. Through this resource, students will come to understand how to recognize employee health and safety opportunities, and how to think on a larger scale when it comes to workplace health initiatives in small, midsized, and larger employers that are comprehensive and fiscally sound.

Workplace health promotion programs have the potential to both improve the health of the population as a whole and control healthcare spending in the process. Health problems are estimated to cost employers in the United States over $200 billion per year through medical costs, absenteeism, disability, and overall reduced productivity. Improving well-being through effective workplace health promotion programs can reduce this cost—and create healthier, happier workforces.

  • Discover the design, implementation, and evaluation of workplace health promotion programs that address the range of employee health needs and concerns
  • Understand how evidence-based programs can positively impact business and reduce health care cost
  • Explore the larger scale implications of successful workplace health programs, including health policies, health
Fertman, C., Delgado, M., & Tarasevich, S. (2014). Promoting Child and Adolescent Mental Health. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers

Promoting Child and Adolescent Mental Health is written for health education students with a keen focus on how to build sustainable support systems across the community, classroom, schools and families to adequately promote positive behavior and mental health for both children and adolescents. The text addresses a wide range of learning challenges and mental health issues and outlines the support needed to provide communities and schools with the proper guidance to create an adaptable system which promotes child and adolescent mental health allowing them to flourish.

The text presents mental health as a community-based challenge. By focusing on children and adolescents, it allows undergraduate and graduate students to concentrate on specific populations while acquiring skills that are applicable to a broad spectrum of diverse communities. This innovative text models teamwork across a variety of disciplines and encourages students to develop connections across communities and systems to promote child and adolescent mental health.

Fertman, C. & Allensworth, D. (Editors) (2012). Sağliği Geliştirme Programlari Teodiden Pratiğe. Ankara, Turkey, Ministry of Health of Turkey


Fertman, C. (2013). Role of Health Education in Health Promotion Efforts. Proceedings 2nd International Health Promotion and Communication Symposium. Ankara, Turkey: Turkish Ministry of Health.
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