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STEAM teaching requires teachers to develop content knowledge within a discipline but also, across other disciplines. In this way, teachers must be able to see the connections between their content and others and be able to translate these connections to students using appropriate instructional approaches. Currently, few, if any, teacher preparation programs focus on transdisciplinary learning, making it less likely that schools will have teachers who are confident and able to teach with using STEAM pedagogy. This proposal seeks to solve this issue, by expanding the current STEAM Continuing Education Course (developed using funds from previous Personalized Education Grant) from its incubator stage (with the Falk Laboratory School, MuseumLab and Manchester Academic Charter School) to full implementation with the STEAM Education Certificate with in-service teachers through these objectives:

a) to equip teachers with the ability to create a locally relevant elementary STEAM curriculum through the STEAM Certificate to ensure equitable participation for girls and students of color in collaborative problem solving;

(b)to design activities that engage elementary students in CPS (e.g., in related technology-rich maker and design activities) to inform the preparation of students for participation in future, highly collaborative STEM careers;

c) to evaluate the role of using age-appropriate, creative technology and community experts in K-12 education to increase student understanding of and interest in STEM.

Owens, A., Burke, Q., Quigley, C.F. & Herro, D. (2019) STEAM Studio Model for Innovation: Building Robust Learning Ecologies and Pathways in Computer Science. Pennsylvania Department of Education. PAsmart Advancing Computer Science and STEM Grant. $500,000.
Quigley, C.F.& Herro, D.H. (2019) Innovative Strategies for Equitable Participation in STEAM (ISTEPS). Social Science Research Initiative Fund. University of Pittsburgh's Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Research. $46,368. PI
Quigley, C.F. (2019) STEAM Education Endorsement: An Opportunity for Connected Learning for K-12 Educators. Provost's Personalized Education Grant. $14,999. PI.

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