Cassie Quigley

Research and Grants


Owens, A., Burke, Q., Quigley, C.F. & Herro, D. (2019) STEAM Studio Model for Innovation: Building Robust Learning Ecologies and Pathways in Computer Science. Pennsylvania Department of Education. PAsmart Advancing Computer Science and STEM Grant. $500,000.
Quigley, C.F.& Herro, D.H. (2019) Innovative Strategies for Equitable Participation in STEAM (ISTEPS). Social Science Research Initiative Fund. University of Pittsburgh's Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Research. $46,368. PI
Quigley, C.F. (2019) STEAM Education Endorsement: An Opportunity for Connected Learning for K-12 Educators. Provost's Personalized Education Grant. $14,999. PI.

Research Interests

Cassie Quigley


University of Pittsburgh
5517 Wesley W. Posvar Hall
230 South Bouquet Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15260