Clement Stone
Emeritus Faculty

Clement A Stone is a Professor of Research Methods in the Department of Psychology in Education. His research interests include educational and psychological assessment, large scale assessment and psychometrics, including instrument development and validation, item response theory models and applications, simulation and Monte Carlo methods, applied Bayesian methods and applications to IRT, quasi-experimental designs and propensity scoring methods, and the measurement of change.

School Affiliations

Recent Grants

Development and Validation of a Measure of Self-Advocacy in Female Cancer Survivors.

Jul 2014 - Dec 2016

Novel measures of psychosocial stress

2012 - Jul 2013

Research on the Effectiveness of a remote coaching model

2012 - 2013

Research/Evaluation of the Teacher Evaluation Project for the Pennsylvania Department of Education

2012 - 2013

Augmenting subscale scores for the Delaware State Assessment Program

2006 - 2007

Evaluating the ACTS of PA Curriculum Intervention: A Meta-Analysis using a Quasi-experimental Design: Propensity Scoring and Meta-Analysis

2005 - 2006

Recent Publications

Stone, C.A. & Zhu, X. (2015). Bayesian analysis of item response theory models using SAS . Cary, NC: SAS Publications.
Stone, C.A., & Leventhal B.C. (2016). Accounting for multidimensionality in item responses in patient-centered and patient reported outcomes measurement. International Journal of Person Centered Medicine, 6(4), 274-288.
Kamarck, T.W., Absi, M., Epstein, D. Estin, E., Intille, S., Kirk, G. Kumar, S. Preston, K. Rea, M,. Scott, M., Shetty, V., Shiffman, S,. Stewiorek, D., Smailagic, A. Stone, C., & Venugapa, M. (In Press). Amabulatory Monitoring and Ecological Momentary Assessment. In Waldstien, S. Katzel, L. & Kop, W. (Eds.), Handbook of cardiovascular behavioral medicine.
Stone, C. A. & Tang, Y. (2013). Comparing Propensity Score Methods in Balancing Covariates and Recovering Impact in Small Sample Educational Program Evaluations. Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation, 18(13).
Doyle, P.J., Hula, W.D., Hula, S.N., Stone, C.A., Wambaugh, J.L., Ross, K.B., & Schumacher, J.G. (2013). Self- and surrogate-reported communication functioning in aphasia. Quality of Life Research, 22(5), 957-67.
Stone, C.A. (2013). Using SAS PROC MCMC to estimate and evaluate item response theory models. Proceedings from SIS 2013 published in Advances in Latent Variables, Eds. Brentari E., Carpita M., Vita e Pensiero.
Clement Stone


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