Clement Stone - Projects
Emeritus Faculty

An Evaluation of Different Approaches to Subscore Augmentation for the Multistate Bar Examination

May 2007 - Sep 2007

Zhu, X. (Mentor: Stone). , funded by the Multistate Bar Association.

The examination of local item dependency of NAEP assessments using the testlet model

Jun 2001 - Jul 2002

Dresher, A. (Mentor: Stone). 2001 Harold Gulliksen Psychometric Fellowship Program, Educational Testing Service.

6/03 – 12/03 Yen, C. (Mentor: Stone). Assessing the dimensionality and factor structure for the Multistate Bar Exam


8/01 - 7/02 Stone, C.A. (PI). Simulating computer adaptive tests. University of Pittsburgh, Central Research Development Fund


Using a General Measure of Critical Thinking to Measure Nursing Students’ Critical Thinking

1997 - 1999

Stone, C.A. (PI) University of Pittsburgh, Central Research Development Fund.

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