Cynthia Tananis

School Affiliations

Recent Grants

Education Doctorate: Exploring Translation of Scholarly Knowledge in Practice. (with W. Firestone, J. Perry, and K. Seashore-Louis)
Propel Schools: 21st Century Schools. Grant for after-school community and academic support
Superintendent's Forum of SW PA. Evaluation contracting for Forum meetings.
Ecosystem Investigators, Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy
Engineer the Future, CSC
STEM Stars, YWCA Greater Pittsburgh

Recent Publications

Trahan, K., Maietta Romero, S., Ramos, R., Tananis, C., & Zollars, J. (2019). Making success: What does large-scale integration of Making into a middle and high school look like? Improving Schools, 22(2). DOI:
Pelkowski, T., Herman, E., Trahan, K., Tananis, C., Swartz, M., Bunt, N., & Rodgick, C. (2019). Fostering a "Head Start" in math: Observing teachers in Early Childhood mathematics engagement. Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education, 40, p. 96-119.
Demir, M., Tananis, C., & Trahan, K. (2019). Evaluation of alternative assessment methods used in Turkish elementary schools. Education & Science (Turkey). Vol. 44:197, p. 223-238.
Demir, M., Tananis, C.A., & Basbogaoglu, U. (2018). Comparative investigation of alternative assessment methods used in Turkey and United States elementary 4th grade mathematics curriculum. International Journal of Educational Administration and Policy Studies, 10(7), p. 72-82. DOI: 10.5897/IJEAPS2018.0561
Cynthia Tananis


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