DaVonna L. Graham
Predoctoral Fellow

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Recent Publications

Burkhard, T., Kinloch, V., Graham, D., Yarborough, K. (in press). "I basically just walked out": Race talk and the experiences of Black women educators in U.S. educational settings.
Farinde-Wu, A., Graham, D., Jones-Fosu, S. (in press). Forgotten but not lost: The effects of exclusionary school policies and practices on Black girls. Distraction: Girls, School and Sexuality.
Kinloch, V., Burkhard, T, Graham, D. (2020). Storying Youth Lives: Centering Equity in Teaching and Teacher Education. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education. 33(1), 66-79
White, T., Woodward, B., Graham, D., Howard, T., Milner, H.R. (2019) Education Policy and Black Teachers: Perspectives on Race, Policy, and Teacher Diversity. Journal of Teacher Education. 00(0), 1-15
Delale-O'Connor, L. & Graham, D.L. (in preparation) "You can NEVER be too sure about parents:" Uncertainty in teachers' perceptions of parental support for discussing race in the classroom
Graham, D., Delale-O'Connor, L. (2018). Working Together: Enhancing Urban Educator Quality Through School-University Partnerships. Teachers College Record.
DaVonna L. Graham


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