Elizabeth Nagle - Awards and Honors

Finalist 2019 PinCH Innovation Challenge Tournament

Oct 15, 2018
Finish top 16 for Project Impulse - Method of Measuring Force Production

1st Place Award ($80,000), Department of Athletics & Innovation Institute Performance Innovation Tournament

Apr 11, 2018
Team Impulse (Members included Carma Repcheck, Matt Darnell, Marc Christian, Jackie Nagle Zera, Katelyn Allison). Proposed a method of measuring force production in Water that will allow for Simultaneous measure of multiple swimmers in real time.

Fellow, American College of Sports Medicine

Jun 2006

University of Pittsburgh Honors Convocation Faculty Service Recognition

Honored by American Red Cross in Fall 2005 for Exceptional Service to Health and Safety Services from 1993-2006.
Elizabeth Nagle


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