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Rainey, E.C., & Storm, S. (forthcoming). Teaching literary literacy. In K.A. Hinchman & H.K. Sheridan-Thomas (Eds.), Best Practices in Adolescent Literacy Instruction (3rd ed.). Guilford.
Cho, B.-Y., Kucan, L., & Rainey, E.C. (2020). Students' perspective learning in a disciplinary multisource task environment. In A. List, P. Van Meter, D. Lombardi, & P. Kendeou (Eds.), Handbook of Learning from Multiple Representations and Perspectives. Routledge.


Schutz, K.M., & Rainey, E.C. (2020). Making sense of modeling in elementary literacy instruction. The Reading Teacher, 73(4), 443-451.
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Rainey, E.C., Maher, B.L., Coupland, D., Franchi, R., & Moje, E.B. (2018). But what does it look like? Illustrations of disciplinary literacy teaching in two content areas. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 61(4), 371-379.
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Rainey, E.C., & Kwok, M.N. (2016). Preparing doctoral students to study the "knotty problems" of literacy education. Journal of Language and Literacy Education.
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