Everett L. Herman - Presentations

Herman, E., Winters, D., Trahan, K., Tananis, C., & Swartz, M. (2015) Engaging Early Learners: Math Instructional Activities of Head Start Teachers. Presented at the National Association for the Education of Young Children Conference, November 20, 2015: Orlando, Florida.
Trahan, K., Herman, E., Brueggman, B., & Tananis, C. (2015). Building and Evaluative Mindset: The Intangible Benefit of Real-World Evaluation Experience. Presented at the American Evaluation Association Annual Conference, November 13, 2015: Chicago, Illinois.
Herman, E., Demir, M., Trahan, K., & Tananis, C. (2015) Evaluating Instructional Practice in a Regional Head Start System. Presented at the Consortium for Research on Educational Assessment and Teaching Effectiveness Conference, October 10, 2015: Charleston, South Carolina.
Winters, D., Trahan, K., Tananis, C., & Herman, E. (2015). Alleviating Burden: Building Evaluation Capacity for Nonprofits Working with Sensitive Populations. Presented at the Eastern Evaluation Research Society Conference, April 27, 2015: Galloway, NJ.
Herman, E., Winters, D., Tananis, C, & Trahan, K. (2015). Data Cohesion: Get Your Data Together. Presented at the University of Pittsburgh, School of Education, Council for Graduate Students in Education, Annual Spring Colloquium, March 26, 2015: Pittsburgh, PA.
Winters, D., Trahan, K., Tananis, C., & Herman, E. (2015). Early Childhood Educators' Perceptions of Teaching and Learning Math. Poster presented at the Society for Research in Child Development Conference, March 21, 2015: Philadelphia, PA.
Everett L. Herman


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