Fredric Goss

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Haile, L., Goss, F.L. , Andreacci, J.L., Nagle, E. F. , & Robertson, R. J. Affective and metabolic responses to self-selected intensity cycle ergometer exercise in young men. Physiology and Behavior
Taylor,. , E. F. Nagle , F.L. Goss, E. N. Rubenstein , & A. Simonson . Evaluating energy expenditure estimated by wearable technology during variable intensity activity on female collegiate athletes. International Journal of Exercise Science
Mays, R.J. ,F.L. Goss , E.F. Nagle, M. Gallagher ,L. Haile , M. Schafer , K.H. Kim , & R.J. Robertson . Cross validation of statistical models derived from the OMNI ratings of perceived exertion for prediction of peak oxygen consumption. International Journal of Sports Medicine
Prins, P.J., F. L. Goss, E. Nagle , K. Beals , R. Robertson, & M. Lovalekar. Energy drinks improve 5-km running performance in recreational endurance runners. Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research
Goss, F L., R.J Robertson, A. Deldin, B. Barone Gibbs,& D. Hostler Observation of OMNI scale of perceived exertion during fire suppression training
Mays,R.J.,F.L.Goss, E.F. Nagle-Stilley,M. Gallgher,Jr., M.A. Schafer, K.H. Kim,& R.J. Robertson. Prediction of VO2peak using OMNI ratings of perceived exertion from a submaximal cycle exercise test.
Fredric Goss


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