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Funded by NSF and housed in the School of Education this project led by Peg Smith focuses on the design of teacher education courses and the assessment of the impact of those courses on teaching practice. This is a three year project, the courses deal with Proportionality and Algebra. Joyce Fienberg works on this project with me. A number of doctoral students also work with Peg Smith and Mary Kay Stein as well.

Chemistry (Development and Assessment of Interacive Online Homework for Introductory Chemistry)

Funded by NSF and housed at Carnegie Mellon this project led by David Yaron focuses on the development and evaluation of online homework that takes place in a virtual laboratory environment and with the support of dramatic scenarios. My work is to design and conduct research studies on the way in which learning is effected and takes place in this environment. Recently this project has merged with the OLI and with a project in Berkeley. This is a three year project and there is room for science education students to conduct research in this environment. Karen Evans works with me and Dr. Yaron’s team.

Disciplinary Literacy in History

As a part of the Institute of Learning housed in LRDC this project works on the development and delivery of target lessons in US History. The lessons are designed to stretch and expand the conceptions and knowledge of history held by supervisors and teachers. The lessons are also designed to be easily useful and adaptable to a variety of upper level high school settings. This is a two year project and there is room for students interested in instructional design in US history to do special projects. Anita Ravi and Catherine Stainton work as designers and implementers on this project with me.

Open Learning Initiative (OLI)

Funded by the Hewlett Foundation and housed and Carnegie Mellon University, this project which grew out of a Mellon funded project on Causal reasoning, focuses on the design, implementation, and evaluation of Online college level courses in Causal and Statistical Reasoning, Logic, Chemistry, Economics, and Statistics. My work focuses on the evaluation portion of the project. The evaluations range from simple effectiveness and dissemination studies to more fine-grained and complex studies of learning and instructional component analyses. In addition, I am examining issues of how we should think about Online learning in terms of its benefits and disadvantages to Liberal Arts Education, to the wide range of potential users in the United States and in Latin America. This is a three year project and there is room for students to do special projects. Jorge Larramendy, from Colombia, works as a visiting faculty on this project with me.

WEBS (Conceptualized and Assessing Web-Based Informal Science Learning)

Funded by NSF and housed at LRDC Crowley is PI and Leinhardt co-PI. The three year project is designed to explore how web based museum experiences influence learning. My work is focusing on how individuals and groups with different levels of understanding of the phenomenon covered by the web influences the use of it as a tool. The work also explores how virtual experiences interacts with real visits to the museum. This is a three year project there may be support for one additional graduate student. There is room for interested students to conduct research. Javier Corredor works with me and Kevin Crowley on this project.
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