George J. Zimmerman
Emeritus Faculty

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Recent Publications

Dias, M. B., Teves, E. A., Zimmerman, G. J., Gedawy, H., K., Belousov, S. M., & Dias, M. B. Indoor navigation challenges for visually impaired people.
Karimi, H. A., Dias, M. B., Pearlman, J., & Zimmerman, G. J. Wayfinding and navigation for people with disabilities using social navigation networks
Karimi, H. A., & Zimmerman, G. J. (2013). Personalized accessibility location services (PALS) on a cloud for individuals with sensory and physical disabilities.
Zebehazy, K. T., Zigmond, N., & Zimmerman, G. J. (2012). Ability or access-ability: Differential item functioning of alternate performance-based assessment test items for students with visual impairments.
George J. Zimmerman


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