Gina A. Garcia - Presentations

Garcia, G. A. (2017, April). Decolonizing Hispanic-Serving Institutions through a mestizaje organizational approach. Alliance for Hispanic Serving Institution Educators (AHSIE).

Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) should realign their organizational approach in order to liberate themselves and their students. As colonized institutions, HSIs must recognize their history of imperialism before moving towards an organizational model grounded in mestizaje. The mestizaje organizational approach has nine elements. This model is supported by organizational theory, yet it challenges the white normative ways in which postsecondary institutions have been studied and the models that have been used to organize them.

Garcia, G. A. (2016, October). Microaggressions to racialized aggressions: Exploring racism on college and university campuses. Carnegie Mellon University, Division of Student Affairs.

From racially themed parties where college students dress like “Mexicans” who will “work for weed” to subtle slights about how well an Asian American student speaks English, racism continues to manifest itself on college and university campuses. Faculty and administrators are often quick to respond to the “old fashion” forms of racism, such as White students shouting the “N” word at Black students on campus, but they often struggle with the more covert forms of racism, sometimes called microaggressions. These microaggressions are often unintentional and common in every day interactions, yet they have tremendous physical, psychological, and emotional impact on the people who experience and recognize them. In this talk, Dr. Gina Garcia will discuss her research on racial microaggressions and racialized aggressions, offering commentary on the topic as well as ideas for addressing the racial realism experienced by students, faculty, staff, and administrators in 21st century U.S. postsecondary institutions.

Gina A. Garcia


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