Heather Bachman - Research and Grants
Faculty - Associate Chairperson


How parents support young children's mathematical thinking across SES. RO1 grant from the National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development (5/1/19 - 4/31/24). $3,056,395
Early Emergence of Socioeconomic Disparities in Mathematical Understanding (Co-PI). EHR Core grant from the National Science Foundation ($2,108,317).
Melissa Libertus (PI). How low- and high-SES parents support young children's mathematical thinking. Learning Research and Development Center. $149,962.
Heather J. Bachman (PI). The impacts of publicly funded school choice options on income and ELL disparities in early elementary school. (Spencer Foundation, #201500159). $50,000.

Research Interests

Heather Bachman


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