Heather Hendry Annegan

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Recent Publications

Donato, R., Tucker, G. R., & Hendry Annegan, H. (2015). Developing professional identities in applied linguists: From Doctoral Study to Professional Practice. In Y. L. Cheung, S. B. Said, & K. Park (Eds.), Advances and current trends in language teacher identity research (pp 217-234). London, UK: Routledge.
Hendry, Heather J. (2008) Allocating Time in FLES: An Action Research Project. Learning Languages.
Pessoa, S., Hendry, H., Donato, G. R., Tucker, G. R. & Lee, H. (2007) Content-based instruction in the foreign language classroom: A discourse perspective. Foreign Language Annals.
Heather Hendry Annegan


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