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Perry, J.A. & Firestone, W. (2017). The Education Doctorate: A Promising Strategy to Promote Smart Use of Research Evidence?

Practice/Policy Question: Can the revisions to the education doctorate (Ed.D.) envisioned by the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED) develop “scholarly practitioners” prepared to effectively incorporate research evidence into ongoing improvement efforts?

Background: Studies of research evidence use in education highlight the importance of internal brokers but few studies examine how those brokers develop the skills and capacities to effectively promote the use of research. Recent efforts to reform the education doctorate suggests that new programs redesigned to prepare leaders to construct and apply research evidence to improve students, educators, and educational institutions may provide models for developing those brokers that scale up. However, little is known about the signature pedagogies or key instructional strategies of these programs, the contexts that support those pedagogies, or how they are experienced by students. This project seeks to describe four recently redesigned Ed.D. programs and examine their impact on the research use of their graduates.

Research Questions: How have a small sample of CPED- influenced Ed.D. programs committed to teaching their students to use research evidence been designed to help practitioners learn to understand research and use it to improve practice, and how are those designs understood and enacted by program leaders, faculty, and students. In what ways do alumni who have experienced redesigned programs report using research evidence after having graduated, and how have those uses changed as a result of the programs?

US Department of Education Fund for the Improvement of Secondary Education (FIPSE) $700,000 2010-2013 PI, Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate, A Proposal to Redesign the Professional Practice Doctorate in Education
Spencer Foundation: $75,000 2008-2009 Co-PI, Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate: Creating Rubrics for the Assessment of EdD

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