John Weidman
Emeritus Faculty

Dr. John C. Weidman is Emeritus Professor of Higher and International Development Education. Initially appointed as Associate Professor of Higher Education in January of 1979, he was promoted to full professor in September of 1986, and awarded Emeritus status in May of 2017. He was Chair (1986-93; 2007-10) of the Department of Administrative and Policy Studies, and Director (2004-07) of the Institute for International Studies in Education (IISE). He is an affiliated faculty member of the University Center for International Studies (UCIS). Prof. Weidman has held visiting faculty positions at Nagoya University (Visiting Research Fellow and Professor, Graduate School of International Development) in Japan (2011), Beijing Normal University (Guest Professor) in China (2007-12), Maseno University (UNESCO Chair of Higher Education Research, Institute of Research and Postgraduate Studies) in Kenya (1993-94), Augsburg University (Fulbright Scholar and Visiting Professor of the Sociology of Education in the Philosophical Faculty I) in Germany (1986-87), and Tel-Aviv University (Fulbright Inter-country Award, School of Education) in Israel (1987).

In addition to graduate teaching, research and publication on issues of international as well as domestic education policy and management, he has consulted on education development projects in Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Mongolia, Viet Nam and Uzbekistan for the Asian Development Bank (ADB); and in Egypt, Indonesia, Kenya, Kosovo, South Africa and Zambia for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). He also has a longstanding record of publications on the socialization of students at both the secondary and tertiary levels of education.

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Recent Publications

Weidman, John C. & DeAngelo, Linda (Eds.). 2020. Socialization in Higher Education and the Early Career: Theory, Research and Application. Knowledge Studies in Higher Education, Vol. 7. Cham, Switzerland: Springer. ISBN 978-3-030-33349-2.
Yang, Xueyan, Wang, Xinhong, Zhang, Lin, and Weidman, John C. 2017. Gender role conflict, professional role confidence, and intentional persistence in engineering students in China. Studies in Higher Education, 42(2), 248-263.
Twale, Darla J., Weidman, John C., & Bethea, Kathryn. (2016). Conceptualizing socialization of graduate students of color: Revisiting the Weidman-Twale-Stein framework. Western Journal of Black Studies, 40 (No. 2, Summer), 80-94.
Lelei, M. C., Weidman, J. C. & Sakaue, K. (2015). Toward achieving universal primary education in Kenya: The free primary education policies. Pp. 125-149 in Jean-Marie, G., Sider, S. & Desir, C. (Eds.), Comparative international perspectives on education and social change in developing countries and indigenous peoples in developed countries. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.
Jacob, W. J., Sutin, S. E., Weidman, J. C. & Yeager, J. L. (Eds.). (2015). Community engagement in higher education: Policy reforms and practice. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.
John Weidman


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