Jorge Enrique Delgado - Awards and Honors

Iván Santacruz Memorial Award, Nationality Rooms Program, University of Pittsburgh (2010)


University of Pittsburgh School of Education’s Student Leadership Award (2010)


K. Leroy Irvis Fellowship (2007-2010)

Sep 1, 2007

Latin American Social and Public Policy Fellowship (2006-2007)

Sep 1, 2006

Colombian Association of Dental Schools (2004)

Sep 1, 2004
An award received at the 2004 ACFO Research Conference for a study in higher education and public health

Colombian Association of Dental Schools (1997)

Sep 1, 1997
Two awards received at the 1997 ACFO Research Conference to studies in oral microbiology and public dental health education
Jorge Enrique Delgado


University of Pittsburgh
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