Karen Vander Ven - Awards and Honors
Emeritus Faculty

Lifetime Achievement Award.

Apr 2013

For your endless compassion, leadership and commitment to the field of out-of-home care for children and youth, we honor you. American Association of Children's Residential Centers. Awarded at annual conference, New Orleans, LA,

225th Anniversary Medallion "honoring (225) University of Pittsburgh Alumni whose achievements have brought honor to the University of Pittsburgh"

Mar 7, 2013

Lifetime Achievement Award

May 28, 2009
LIfe Time Achievement Award for your commitment,
dedication, and contributions to the field of child and youth care. Presented by the Academy of Child and
Youth Care Professionals at International Child and
Youth Care Conference

President's Award-Association of Child and Youth Care Practice

Aug 26, 2003
For your dedicated services over many years
to children, youth and families

Albert E. Trieschman Memorial Award

Jun 1, 1994
For distinguished service to the profession
of child and youth work

Outstanding Service Award

Apr 1, 1993
by Trieschman Center in recognition of steadfast commitment to professionalization
of child and outh care workers as evidenced by her teaching, writing, consulting and training...

Status Appointment, Ryerson Institute of Technology

conferred upon an individual of recognized professional, scholarly and community stature in a field of significance to professional schools

Trieschman Prize Competition

Jul 1, 1989
First prize winner, Published Author category, "for best original contribution to
the literature in child care"
Karen Vander Ven


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