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*Hill, T.M. & Jacobs, K.B. (2020). "The Mouse Looks Like a Boy": Young Children's Talk About Gender Across Human and Nonhuman Characters in Picture Books. Early Childhood Education Journal, 48(1), pp. 93-102. [*=doctoral student]


Genest, M.T., Jacobs, K. B., Meyer, C. K., Sobolak, M. J., & Crawford, P. A. (2019). Page Turners: Books for Children (regular review of current children's literature). International Journal of the Whole Child, 4(2), 95-99.

Regular invited column reviewing children's books.



Jacobs, K. B. & Suzik, J. (2019). "A Princess Boy-He's Still A Boy!": Using Picture Books to Open Discussions Around Gender with Young Children. Exchange Magazine, March/April 2019, pp. 47-50.


Jacobs, K. B. (2018). "So why is it OK here?": Literacy candidates grappling with culture/culturally responsive pedagogy in urban fieldsites. Urban Education.
Jacobs, K. B. & Low, D. E. (2018). Literature circle roles for engaging graphic novels and comics in Language Arts classrooms. Language Arts, 95(5) 322-331.
Jacobs, K. B., & Low, D. E. (2017). Critical Questioning in and beyond the Margins: Teacher Preparation Students' Multimodal Inquiries into Literacy Assessment. English Education, 49(3), 226.
Jacobs, K. B. (2016). The (Untold) Drama of the Turning Page: The Role of Page Breaks in Understanding Picturebooks. Children's Literature in Education
Jacobs. K. B. (2014). The role of field experiences in the professional socialization of early career literacy teachers. LEARNing Landscapes, 8(1), pp. 173-191.
Campano, G., Ngo, L., Low, D., & Jacobs, K. B. (2015). Young Children Demystifying and Remaking the University through Critical Play. Journal of Early Childhood Literacy

Book Chapters

Ngo, L., Jacobs, K. B., Campano, G., Ghiso, M., & Low, D. (2016). Bidirectional Learning in a School-University Partnership. In G. Campano, M. Ghiso, & B. Welch (eds.) Partnering with Immigrant Families: Action through Literacy. New York: Teachers College Press.
Campano, G., Jacobs, K. B., & Ngo, L. (2015). A Critical resource orientation to literacy assessment through a stance of solidarity. In J. Brass & A. Webb (eds) Reclaiming English Language Arts Methods Courses: Critical Issues and Challenges for Teacher Educators in Top Down Times. 97-108. New York: Routledge.
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