Kevin Crowley - Research and Grants
Faculty - Associate Dean


National Science Foundation (DRL 1906368). Climate Rural Systems Partnership (CRSP), $794,923, Crowley (PI), 2019-2023. Collaborative proposal with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, $1,254,205, Giarrantani (PI), Heller (Co-PI). Total: $2M.
William Penn Foundation, Supporting the Informal Learning Initiative, Phase II, Crowley & Knutson, 2019-2022, $600,000.
National Science Foundation, Center for the Advancement of Informal Science Education (CAISE). $14,395,147, 2007-2021. J. Bell (PI), Crowley (Co-PI), Garabay (Co-PI), Storkskeik (Co-PI).
William Penn Foundation, Supporting the Informal Learning Initiative, $365,670, Crowley, Knutson, Russell, 2017-2019.
National Science Foundation, Learning to See, Seeing to Learn: A Sociotechnical System Supporting Taxonomic Identification Activities in Volunteer-Based Water Quality Biomonitoring. $1,690,278, 2015-2018. Louw (PI), Crowley (Co-PI).
National Science Foundation, Climate Change Education Partnership-II: Climate and Urban Systems Partnership (CUSP). $5,600,000, 2012-2018. Elhich (PI), Crowley (Co-PI), & Horton (Co-PI). 2012-2018.
National Science Foundation, Intelligent Science Exhibits: Transforming Hands-on Exhibits into Mixed-Reality Learning Experiences, $299,827, 2016-2018. Koedinger (PI), Crowley (Co-PI), Hudson (Co-PI).
Spencer Foundation, The 21st Century Naturalist: A research-practice collaboration for informal science education, $400,000, Crowley, Knutson, Giarrantani, & Tonsor, 2015-2018.
National Science Foundation, Collaborative Research: Energy, Environment and Society Learning Network (ENERGY NET): Enhancing opportunities for learning using an Earth systems science framework. $600,000, 2012-2016.. Elliot (PI), Bain (Co-PI), Crowley (Co-PI); Steiner (Co-PI).

Maker Research Initiative

2014 - 2015

Building Informal Science Education: Supporting evaluation of exhibtions and programs with an research network

2010 - 2015

Designing Regional Learning Pathways

2013 - 2014

Museum Research Fellows

2012 - 2014

Gigapixel cyberinfrastructure for participatory science learning

2011 - 2014

City as Learning Lab: Spreading Technological Fluency Through Creative Robotics

2008 - 2014

Energy, Environment, and Society Learning Network (Energy Net)

1912 - 2014

Pathways for Activation in Pittsburgh


Activated Young Science Learner

2011 - 2013

WT Grant Distinguished Fellow

2011 - 2013

Research Interests

Kevin Crowley


University of Pittsburgh
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Pittsburgh, PA 15260