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2019-2020 Regional Events for the National Writing Project Network of Sites
Historically, some of the most inspirational work within the National Writing Project has emanated from Project Outreach, the Urban Sites Network, and the English Learners Network, which seeded innovative work across the 180+ sites through small grants and a rotating regional conference. As a result, for many, the National Writing Project became an enactment of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s vision of "Beloved Community"--a place where educators of color and others working with minoritized and marginalized youth--could reconcile differences and imagine new possibilities. However, as the National Writing Project has faced new federal policies and disappearing funding streams, these networks could not be sustained and some of the diversity we value has been lost. We propose that the Western Pennsylvania Writing Project, in concert with diverse seasoned and emerging leaders across the National Writing Project, rethink how to develop and sustain an innovative network of support for diverse educators, both in and out of school. What emerges might be new partnerships, a rotating conference, and online methods or opportunities. We received a one-year extension due to the pandemic.

Utilizing materials, processes, and resources developed by the National Writing Project's College-Ready Writing Program, we will collaborate with the faculty and students at Westinghouse Academy to strengthen the teaching and learning of argumentation and source-based writing at the school. We will cross-walk the CRWP mini-units with the PPS curriculum, then facilitate an August workshop for fifteen teachers. This will be followed by school day professional development and classroom coaching. Each teacher will engage his/her students in four cycles of writing. We will use the NWP Using Sources Tool to assess our progress.

Due to complications within PPS, the grant has been moved from Westinghouse to University Preparatory Academy, and the end date has been extended to May 31, 2019.


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