Leigh Patel
Faculty - Associate Dean



Patel, L. (2019). Fugitive practices: Learning in a Settler Colony. Educational Studies, 1-9.
Patel, L. (2019). In Dialogue Methodological Pluralism: Turning away from logarithms to return to story.
Patel, L. (2018). Immigrant Populations and Sanctuary Schools. Journal of Literacy Research, 50(4), 524-529.

Book Chapters

Patel, L. (forthcoming 2019). Before reconciliation, there must be truth. In C. Manion, E. Anderson, S. Baily, M. Call-Cummings, R. Iyengar, P. Shah, M. Witenstein (Eds. Interrogating and Innovating Comparative and International Education Research: Decolonizing practices for inclusive, safe spaces. Leiden, Netherlands: Brill Publishers.
Leigh Patel


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