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Patel, L. (in press). To Study is to Struggle: Higher Education and Social Movements

Book Chapters

Patel, L. (2020). Generations of fugitive literacy teacher education and activism. Kinloch, V., Burkhard, T., & Penn, C. (Eds.). Race, justice, and activism in literacy instruction. Teachers College Press, p. 1-9
Patel, L. (2019). Before Truth, there must be Reconciliation. Comparative and international Education Studies. Conference Papers
Patel, L. (forthcoming 2019). Before reconciliation, there must be truth. In C. Manion, E. Anderson, S. Baily, M. Call-Cummings, R. Iyengar, P. Shah, M. Witenstein (Eds. Interrogating and Innovating Comparative and International Education Research: Decolonizing practices for inclusive, safe spaces. Leiden, Netherlands: Brill Publishers.


Patel, L. (2019). Fugitive Practices: Learning in a Settler Colony, Educational Studies, DOI: 10.1080/00131946.2019.1605368
Patel, L. (2019). Fugitive practices: Learning in a Settler Colony. Educational Studies, 1-9.
Patel, L. (2019). In Dialogue Methodological Pluralism: Turning away from logarithms to return to story.
Patel, L. (2018). Immigrant Populations and Sanctuary Schools. Journal of Literacy Research, 50(4), 524-529.
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