Linda DeAngelo - Projects

Bernard, L., DeAngelo, L., & Chang, M. Tiger parents: Does parental involvement affect Asian American students’ college adjustment?

Manuscript in Progress for submission to the Journal of First-Year and Students in Transition

DeAngelo, L. PhD aspirations: The effect of grades, academic self-confidence, faculty interaction and research on undergraduates.

Manuscript in Progress submitted to the Journal of Higher Education.

DeAngelo, L. & Franke, R. The crucial first year of college: Examining how college readiness impacts retention.

Manuscript in Progress submitted to Research in Higher Education.

DeAngelo, L., Mason, J. & Winters, D. Faculty mentors and good practice in undergraduate education.

For submission to Innovative Higher Education

Franke, R., & DeAngelo, L. Targeting first-year persistence: A multilevel approach to determine how individual characteristics, financial resources for college, and campus characteristics affect low-income and lower-middle-income students.

Manuscript in Progress submitted to the Review of Higher Education.

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