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Kucan, L. (under review). Academic language development for adolescents: Multiple contexts/multiple opportunities. In K. A. Hinchman & H. K. Sheridan-Thomas (Eds.), Best practices in adolescent literacy instruction (3rd ed.) New York: Guilford Press.
Cho, B.-Y., Kucan, L, & Rainey, E. (in press). Supporting students to learn from and develop perspectives in historical task environments. In A. List, P. Van Meter, D. Lombardi, & P. Kendou, Handbook of learning from multiple representations and perspectives. New York: Routledge.


Szarek (Smail), A., & Kucan, L. (in press). Implementing an enriched language development program for learning support students. Journal of Practitioner Research.
Kucan, L., & Cho, B-Y. (in press). "Were there any black people in Johnstown?" An investigation of culturally relevant pedagogy in service of supporting disciplinary literacy learning in history. Urban Education.
Kucan, L., Rainey, E., & Cho, B-Y. (in press). Engaging middle school students in disciplinary literacy through culturally relevant historical inquiry. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy.
Rimbey, M., & Kucan, L. (in press). Implementation as a dynamic process: A case study of teacher sensemaking of a cross-content vocabulary intervention. Journal of Education.
Rissling, K., & Kucan, L. (in press). Negotiating practicum experiences in a reading specialist preparation program. Reading Horizons.
Cho, B. -Y., Han, H., & Kucan, L. (in press). An exploratory study of middle school learners' historical reading in an Internet environment. Reading and Writing.
Kucan, L., & Palincsar, A. S. (2017). Text analysis: Critical component of planning for text-based discussion focused on comprehension of informational texts. Literacy Research and Instruction, 57(2), 100-116.
Kucan, L., Cho, B.-Y., & Han, H. (2017). Introducing the historical thinking practice of contextualizing to middle school students. The Social Studies, 108(5), 210-218.
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