M. Najeeb Shafiq - Research and Grants
Faculty - Executive Director of CIES


Comparative and International Education Society, The Office of the Executive Director, 2019-21
The World Bank, "Who benefits most from higher education in low- and middle-income economies?" (Shafiq, co-PI with Alexandria Valerio).
The World Bank, "The cognitive and socio-emotional benefits of early childhood education: Short- and long-term evidence from low- and middle-income economies." (Shafiq, co-PI with Amanda Devercelli and Alexandria Valerio).
The World Bank, "Does education influence social mobility? The role of education quality and quantity." (Shafiq, co-PI, with Alexandria Valerio)

Research Interests

M. Najeeb Shafiq


University of Pittsburgh
5911 Wesley W. Posvar Hall
230 South Bouquet Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15260