Mandi D. Skerbetz - Awards and Honors

Council of Graduate Students in Education Extra Mile Award

Mar 2015

I received the Extra Mile Award, presented to me by CGSE at the 2015 Alumni Awards.

The Extra Mile Award is for faculty and staff that :

  • Promote proactive student involvement and representation in SOE and University governance;
  • Promote academic excellence by organizing and supporting activities designed to enhance SOE students’ academic growth and success;
  • Promote cross-cultural understanding by facilitating opportunities for social interaction and collaboration among culturally diverse groups of students;
  • Promote student professional development by organizing and supporting activities or affiliations designed to enhance students professional growth and future success; and
  • Promote a caring and respectful academic, social and professional atmosphere in the SOE.

Center for Urban Education Faculty Fellow


Putting Theory Into Practice Dissertation Presentation Award

Dec 2014

My dissertation was selected by the Forum for Western Pennsylvania School Superintendents as a dissertation that put theory into practice. I presented my disseration at the December, 2014 Western Pennsylvania School Superintentdents Forum at Nemacolin Resort.

Mandi D. Skerbetz


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