Mandi D. Skerbetz - Presentations

Implementation of a Dual Certification Program at the Secondary Level: Lessons Learned in our First Year. Poster presented at the 2014 OSEP Project Directors' Conference. Washington, DC. (July, 2014)(Co-Presenter)

MOSAIC is a new dual certification program to prepare highly qualified high school teachers in Special Education and one of the following content areas: English, Math, Science, or Social Studies. This poster will present different components of the MOSAIC program found to be successful through qualitative and quantitative data collected throughout the first year. The integration of digital case studies of local adolescents with disabilities, web-based Evidence Based Practices manual, family involvement in courses, Bug-In-Ear observations, and developing mentor teacher relationships for student teaching experiences created a unique and rigorous teacher preparation program for students seeking dual certification at the secondary level. The MOSAIC program is supported by a 325T grant entitled Restructuring and Improving Special Education at the University of Pittsburgh (grant award number – PR H3252T110003).

Traumatized: How to Reach Them in Order to Teach Them. Seminar as part of the Invited Speaker Series at Landmark Summer Outreach Institute. Prides Crossing, MA. (2014, July).

Trauma (acute and chronic) is a common part of today’s society and students (especially urban students) often enter the classroom with neurological and emotional needs that must first be recognized and then accommodated in order for them to achieve academic success. Students often present with behaviors and executive functioning deficits that impede their ability to access academic curriculum and intervention. As teachers it is important that we know the neurological impact that trauma has on a child’s development and be prepared to accommodate their long-term symptoms in order to effectively engage traumatized students in the school setting.

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