Mary Kay Stein
Faculty - Associate Director LRDC

School Affiliations

Recent Grants

Teacher Learning to Enact Productive Discussions in Mathematics and Literacy. The McDonnell Foundation, 2018-2023. PI: Mary Kay Stein, co-PIs: Christian Schunn, Lindsay Clare Matsumura, Richard Correnti, Jennifer Russell, (award amount: $2,499,651)
States as STEM learning environments: Building an indicator system to guide instructional improvement at scale, National Science Foundation, October 1, 2013-September 30, 2016. PI: Mary Kay Stein; Co-PIs: Richard Correnti and Jennifer Russell (award amount: $1,500,000
Coaching to improve common core aligned mathematics instruction in Tennessee, IES, July 2014-June 2017. Jennifer Russell, PI; co-PIs Mary Kay Stein, Richard Correnti, Lindsay Clare Matsumura, Victoria Bill, Emily Barton, & Nate Schwartz, (award amount: $2,500,000)

Collaborative Research: Modeling Engineered Levers for the 21st Century Teaching of STEM

2010 - 2014

The Influence of Classroom Practices on Student Outcomes in Direct versus Inquiry Oriented Approaches to Mathematics Instruction

2011 - 2013

Collaborative Research Strategies: The Robot Project

2010 - 2013

Recent Publications

Hunt, J.H. & Stein, M. K. (in press). Constructing goals for student learning: A conversation. Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching Pre-K-12.
Russell, J.R., Correnti, R.C., Stein, M.K., Hannan, M., Bill, V., Schwartz, N., Booker, L., Pratt, N., & Matthis, C. (in press). Learning from adaptation to support instructional improvement at scale: Understanding coach adaptation in the XX mathematics coaching project. American Educational Research Journal.
Russell, J.R., Correnti, R.C., Stein, M.K., Thomas, A., Bill, V., & Speranzo, L. (in press). Mathematics coaching for conceptual understanding: Promising evidence regarding the TN+IFL Math coaching model. American Educational Research Journal.
Yurekli, B., Stein, M. K., Correnti, R., & Kisa, Z. (in press). Teaching mathematics for conceptual understanding: Teachers' beliefs and practices and the role of constraints, Journal for Research in Mathematics Education.
Smith, M., & Stein, M.K. (2018). Five practices for orchestrating productive mathematics discussions. (Second Edition). Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.
Tekkumru-Kisa, M., Schunn, C., Stein, M. K., & Reynolds, B. (2017). Change in thinking demands for students across the phases of a science task: An exploratory study. Research in Science Education, 1-27.
Mary Kay Stein


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