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Diplomacy Lab, US State Department. ( 2019). US Embassy in Athens.
No money exchanged, but PItt one of only about 25 universities in the country with permission to bid. IISE entered and made a bid for a project on educational innovation and entrepreneurship with the US Embassy in Athens. IISE won the bid on the first round. They approved of the project's outcomes.
Curriculum Development for International and Global Education. with Marzia Cozzolino. Global Studies/University Center International Studies, University of Pittsburgh

The purpose of the grant is to interview stakeholders, primariy in the School of Education, to see what innovative and realistic options, given current conditions, may be available to promote global competence in preservice and inservice programs. Are there options that also may be able to generate new revenue streams? Are there formats (certificates, digital badges, etc,) in addition to traditional courses that may help generated demand?

Global Studies has offered to partner with the School of Education to further these important themes both domestically and internationally.

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