Maureen Porter
Faculty - Associate Professor

Maureen Porter, an anthropologist of education, studies the social construction of “education” and situated learning in culturally-specific communities of practice. Her engaged scholarship in schools, neighborhoods, and community organizations takes place in five priority contexts:

  • Developing place-based and culturally-inclusive pedagogies
  • Generating feminist critiques of STE(A)M, educational leadership, and international development programs
  • Sponsoring intercultural and international service-learning, global competence programs, and collaborative exchanges
  • Fostering meaningful intergenerational community rituals
  • Cultivating best practices in aesthetic education and arts-based research design

School Affiliations

Recent Grants

Steve Manners Grant: Mapping New Bodies of Knowledge

2013 - 2014

Women's Studies Faculty Course Development Award

2013 - 2014

Recent Publications

Porter, M.K., Frieters-Reerman, N., Langley, S., Dawkins, S., & Reerman, A. (2020). Mobilising shared strengths for collective peacebuilding with newcomers. Journal of Transdisciplinary Peace Praxis (2) 1 Pp. 19-23
Porter, M.K., & Cristobal, N. (2018). Cultivating aloha 'aina through critical indigenous pedagogies of place. Journal of Folklore and Education, 5 (2). Retrieved from:
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Porter, M.K. (2016). The 2015 Smithsonian Festival: Constructing durable bridges between the Americas. Report submitted to the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, on behalf of the American Folklore Society's Consultancy and Professional Development Program. To be available on:
Ethiopian Indigenous Wisdom and Culture Research Team: Fulbright Hays. (2018). Ethiopia Fulbright Hays Lesson Plans. Retrieved from
Maureen Porter


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