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Steve Manners Grant: Mapping New Bodies of Knowledge

2013 - 2014
This proposal offers members of the university community the opportunity to play with maps and creative visualizations. Together, we will chart new bodies of knowledge. By extending metaphorical lines of thought in a tangible form, indeed, by taking on corporeal form via the mnemonic “CORPS,” we offer a framework for creating useful maps. This novel meta-analytical framework will go beyond simple facilitation to actual transformation of the participants’ ability to “map out” their work: to conceptualize and thus integrate their applied work and research agendas. We hope to apply this framework to two focal topics of engaged scholarship. The outcomes will be demonstrated by our enhanced capacities to: 1) unite a broad set of constituencies across the university around these two focal topics- the University of Pittsburgh’s civic engagement initiatives and world progress toward Millennium Development Goals on gender and education, 2) develop a shared technological skill set that interfaces newly available digital technologies and 3) collectively host a series of working meetings and then a public display of the “maps” of our final results. Redefining what constitute the CORPS/core elements of a map, creatively and diversely expressing our visions, applying these to unite discussions about mutual goals, digitally storing and sharing data forms, and publicly creating new modes of interactive public presentation are ways of extending what it means to use imagination as a resource. Help us to follow CORPS metaphorical lines of thought while we create new maps for a shared future.

Women's Studies Faculty Course Development Award

2013 - 2014

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