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Gunzenhauser, M.G. (2020). Know what you believe in and what you're up against. In K. Stemhagen (Ed.), Philosophy of education 2019: Proceedings of the seventy-fifth annual meeting of the Philosophy of Education Society (pp. 27-33). Urbana, IL: Philosophy of Education Society.
Gunzenhauser, M.G. (2017). What Does It Mean to Be an Education Professional? In B.R. Warnick & L. Stone (Eds.), Philosophy: Education (pp. 337-356). Farmington Hills, MI: Macmillan Reference USA.
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Gunzenhauser, M.G., & Noblit, G.W. (2011). What the Arts Can Teach School Reform. In J. Sefton-Green, P. Thomson, K. Jones, & L. Bresler (Eds.), The Routledge international handbook of creative learning (pp. 428-437). London: Routledge.
The experience of the North Carolina A+ Schools Network and the Oklahoma A+ Schools form the basis for an argument about the value of arts-based educational reform for larger discussions about school improvement. More
Adkins, A., & Gunzenhauser, M.G. (2005). West Hollow School and the North Carolina A+ Schools Program: Integrating the arts, crafting a local agenda for reform. In W.T. Pink & G.W. Noblit (Eds.), Cultural matters: Lessons learned from field studies of several leading school reform strategies (pp. 63-86). Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.


Flores, O.J., & Gunzenhauser, M.G. (2019). The problems with color-blind leadership revealed: A call for race-conscious leaders. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education.
Flores, O.J., & Gunzenhauser, M.G. (in press). Justice in the gaps: School leader ethics and the use of data to address the opportunity gap. Urban Education.
We don't know yet the year, volume, or edition. It was published online in October 2018. More
Hou, Y.-W., Lee, C.-W., & Gunzenhauser, M.G. (2017). Student Evaluation of Teaching as a Disciplinary Mechanism: A Foucauldian Analysis. The Review of Higher Education, 40(3), 325-352.
Gunzenhauser, M.G. (2015). Enacting Social Justice Ethically: Individual and communal habits: A response to "Ethics in teaching for democracy and social justice." Democracy & Education, 23(2), 1-6.
Gunzenhauser, M.G. (2013). An occupation's responsibility: The role of social foundations in the cultivation of professionalism. Critical Questions in Education, 4(2), 192-204.
Gunzenhauser, M.G. (2013). Ethics for the new political economy: What can it mean to be professionally responsible? Philosophical Studies in Education, 44, 10-28.
Publication of presidential address for the annual meeting of the Ohio Valley Philosophy of Education Society More
Gunzenhauser, M.G. (2008). Care of the self in a context of accountability. Teachers College Record, 110(10), 2224-2244.
Brown, A.D., Brooks, J.G., & Gunzenhauser, M.G. (2008). Katrina and the privilege of despair: Welch's model of connection in teaching for racial justice. Philosophical Studies in Education, 39, 76-86.
Gunzenhauser, M.G. (2007). Resistance as a component of educator professionalism. Philosophical Studies in Education, 38, 23-36.
Gunzenhauser, M.G., & Hyde, A.M. (2007). What is the value of public school accountability? Educational Theory, 57(4), 489-507
Gunzenhauser, M.G. (2006). A moral epistemology of knowing subjects: Theorizing a relational turn for qualitative research. Qualitative Inquiry, 12(3), 621-647
Gunzenhauser, M.G., & Gerstl-Pepin, C.I. (2006). Engaging graduate education: A pedagogy for epistemological and theoretical diversity. Review of Higher Education, 29(3), 319-346.
Gunzenhauser, M.G. (2006). Normalizing the educated subject: A Foucaultian analysis of high-stakes accountability. Educational Studies, 39(3), 241-259.


Gunzenhauser, M.G. (2015). Cultivating second nature: An emerging philosophy of education. In M. Moses (Ed.), Philosophy of education 2014: Proceedings of the seventieth annual meeting of the Philosophy of Education Society. Urbana, IL: Philosophy of Education Society.
Gunzenhauser, M.G. (2009). Intellectual courage in philosophy of education: Loving souls, tongues afire, and education for humanity (Contributing editor's introduction). Philosophical Studies in Education, 40, 1-8.
Contributing editor introduction More


Weidman, J.C., J.L. Yeager, L. Cohen, L.T. DeAngelo, K.M. DeLuca, M.G. Gunzenhauser, W.J. Jacob, M.W. McClure, & S. Sutin (Eds.) (2014). ASHE reader on economics and finance of higher education, 3rd ed. Boston: Pearson Custom Publishing. Gunzenhauser, M., & Cohen, L. (2014, submitted). Introduction: Ethics and Higher Education Financing.
Co-editor for section of ASHE reader. More
Gunzenhauser, M.G. (2012). The Active/Ethical Professional: A Framework for Responsible Educators. New York: Continuum Press.
A winner of the 2012 Critics Choice Book Award of the American Educational Studies Association (AESA).

The Active/Ethical Professional proposes an ethical framework for educators and school leaders who find their practice constrained by the demands of policies and structures created in response to accountability legislation. The framework is derived from Michel Foucault's theories of discipline, surveillance, resistance, and care of the self. More
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