Michelle J. Sobolak
Faculty - Director of Teacher Education

School Affiliations

Recent Grants

Sobolak, M. & Conway, S. J. (2017) Implementing a Video Coaching Platform to Provide E-Mentoring during Clinical Experiences with Teacher Education Students. University of Pittsburgh Innovation in Education Awards. ($6,020). Project Director.
Sobolak, M. & Conway, S.J. (2016) Supporting ALL students: Working effectively with LBGTQIA+ students, University of Pittsburgh, Office of Diversity. ($800).
Conway, S.J. & Sobolak, M. (2016) The Racial Gap between Teachers and Students: Parents' Perspectives, University of Pittsburgh, Office of Diversity. ($1,500).

Recent Publications

Crawford, P. A., Genest, M. T., Jacobs, K. B., Meyer, C. T., & Sobolak, M. J. (2019). Page turners: Books for children. International Journal of the Whole Child, 4(1), 75-81.
Crawford, P. A., Sobolak, M.J., & Mattix Foster, A. A. (2017). Knowing and growing with mentor texts. Childhood Education, 93(1),82-86.
Sobolak, M.J., Mattix Foster, A. A., & Crawford, P.A. (2017). Validating the visual: Illustrations as mentor texts. Childhood Education, 93(2), 176-180.
Sobolak, M. J. & Mattix Foster, A. A. (in press). Sharing the pen: Interactive writing in the early years. Early Years Bulletin.
Wanless, S. B., Sobolak, M. J., Arlotta-Guerrero, A., & Crawford, P.A. Key strategies for supporting urban children's development. CUE'd In, 1(1), 1-5.
Mattix, A. A. & M. Sobolak (2014). The gender journey in picturebooks: A look back to move forward. Childhood Education, 90(3), 229-233.
Michelle J. Sobolak


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