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Roberts, S. K., & Crawford, P. A. (2020). A bridge over troubled waters: Safe cross-cultural passages with global children's literature In J. Lacina & R. Griffith (Eds.), Preparing globally minded literacy teachers: Knowledge, practices, and case studies (pp. 44-60). New York, NY: Routledge.
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Crawford, P. A. (2017). Back to the future with Patty Smith Hill. Childhood Education, 93, 213-217.
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Encyclopedic Entries

Crawford, P. A. (2016). Read-alouds. In D. Couchenour & K. Chrisman (Eds.), The SAGE Encyclopedia of Contemporary Early Childhood Education (pp. 556-560). Thousand Oak, CA: SAGE.


Crawford, P. A. (2013). Review of Bullying hurts: Teaching kindness through read-alouds and guided conversations, by Lester Laminack & Reba M. Wadsworth. Focus on Elementary, 25(4), 12.
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