Richard Correnti

School Affiliations

Recent Grants

Principal Investigator (PIs Richard Correnti, Mary Kay Stein Co-PIs Lindsay Clare Matsumura, Jennifer Russell) McDonnell Foundation, Teacher Learning to Enact Productive Discussions in Mathematics and Literacy, (2018-2022), $2,500,000.
Principal Investigator (Co-PIs Mary Kay Stein, Jennifer Russell) Spencer Foundation, Improvement of Mathematics Teaching At-Scale, (2017-2019), $1,000,000.
Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PIs Diane Litman; Lindsay Clare Matsumura) Institute of Education Sciences, Response-to-Text Tasks to Assess Students' Use of Evidence and Organization in Writing: Using Natural Language Processing for Scoring Writing and Providing Feedback At-Scale Measurement (Goal 5) (2016-2019), $1,400,000
Co-Principal Investigator (with Amy Crosson, Moddy McKeown and Lindsay Clare Matsumura). Institute of Education Sciences. For Argument's Sake: Applying Questioning the Author Techniques to Support Comprehension and Composition of Written Arguments. (2015-2018), $1,500,000.

Coaching to Improve Common Core Aligned Mathematics Instruction in Tennessee,

Jul 2014 - Jun 2017

Web-Mediated Literacy Coaching for High-Quality Reading Comprehension Instruction

Jun 2014 - May 2017

Recent Publications

Matsumura, L. C., Correnti, R., & *Wang, E. (2015). Classroom Writing Tasks and Students' Analytic Text‐Based Writing. Reading Research Quarterly,50(4), 417-438.
Munter, C., & Correnti, R. (2017). Examining Relations between Mathematics Teachers' Instructional Vision and Knowledge and Change in Practice. American Journal of Education, 123(2), pp.171-202.
Stein, M. K., Correnti, R., Moore, D., Russell, J. L., & Kelly, K. (2017). Using Theory and Measurement to Sharpen Conceptualizations of Mathematics Teaching in the Common Core Era. AERA Open, 3(1), pp.1-20.
Patchan, M., Schunn, C., and Correnti, R. (2016). The nature of feedback revisited: How feedback features affect students' willingness and ability to revise. Journal of Educational Psychology.
Correnti, R., with Stein, M.K., & Smith, M., & Scherrer, J., & McKeown, M., & Greeno, J., & Ashley, K. (2015). Improving teaching at-scale: Design for the scientific measurement and development of discourse practice. In Resnick, L. & Asterhan, C. (Ed.s). Socializing Intelligence through Academic Talk and Dialogue.
Matsumura, L.C., Correnti, R., and *Wang, E. (In Press). Classroom Writing Tasks and Students' Analytic Text-Based Writing Skills. Reading Research Quarterly.
Richard Correnti


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