Richard Correnti - Research and Grants
Faculty - Associate Professor


Principal Investigator (PIs Richard Correnti, Mary Kay Stein Co-PIs Lindsay Clare Matsumura, Jennifer Russell) McDonnell Foundation, Teacher Learning to Enact Productive Discussions in Mathematics and Literacy, (2018-2022), $2,500,000.
Principal Investigator (Co-PIs Mary Kay Stein, Jennifer Russell) Spencer Foundation, Improvement of Mathematics Teaching At-Scale, (2017-2019), $1,000,000.
Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PIs Diane Litman; Lindsay Clare Matsumura) Institute of Education Sciences, Response-to-Text Tasks to Assess Students' Use of Evidence and Organization in Writing: Using Natural Language Processing for Scoring Writing and Providing Feedback At-Scale Measurement (Goal 5) (2016-2019), $1,400,000
Co-Principal Investigator (with Amy Crosson, Moddy McKeown and Lindsay Clare Matsumura). Institute of Education Sciences. For Argument's Sake: Applying Questioning the Author Techniques to Support Comprehension and Composition of Written Arguments. (2015-2018), $1,500,000.

Coaching to Improve Common Core Aligned Mathematics Instruction in Tennessee,

Jul 2014 - Jun 2017
Design continuous improvement cycles that coaches can use to monitor progress in improving teaching and learning in TN schools. Conduct efficacy study in Y3 to understand effectiveness of coaching (plus PDSA cycles) intervention.

Web-Mediated Literacy Coaching for High-Quality Reading Comprehension Instruction

Jun 2014 - May 2017
Development of an online content-focused-coaching (CFC) intervention for teaching reading comprehension and writing. Examining efficacy of CFC intervention in Y3 in a randomized control trial.

Math and Science Partnership: Development of Middle School and Elementary Mathematics Teachers in Pittsburgh Public Schools

Aug 2013 - Dec 2016
This a Pitt Subcontract for an intensive professional development effort in Pittsburgh Public Schools. The funding indicated here is for the Pitt subcontract only.

Innovating motivation research: Insights from urban middle school classrooms on the links between psychosocial classroom activity and mathematics learning

Jul 2014 - Jul 2016
Developing a coding scheme for social motivational and cognitive measures from videotapes of teaching. Applying those measures to video from MET study to explore their relationship to value-added measures.

States as STEM Learning Environments: Building an Indicator System to Guide Instructional Improvement at Scale

Oct 2013 - Jun 2016
Conducting primary data collection with teachers to identify and validate measures of teaching related to student learning and to identify how teachers' access to resources are related to their teaching. Identify ways in which we can use measures at-scale to inform and guide decisions made by leaders at the TN DOE.

Evidence-based Tools for Right-Matching Students' Postsecondary Selections,

Aug 2014 - Dec 2015
Examine the trends in PPS with respect to the Pittsburgh Promise. Identify the extent to which students are "right-matching" with post-secondary institutions and whether there are more likely to persist and graduate when they right-match. Build tools to help PPS students take advantage of the Promise dollars and help students right-match to post-secondary institutions.

Response-to-Text Prompts to Assess Students' Writing Ability: Using Natural Language Processing for Scoring Writing At-Scale

May 2013 - Aug 2015
Examining the reliability and validity of human versus computer scoring of student responses to two specific writing texts and prompts. Understanding how to score student analysis of text and use of evidence to support their analysis.

Statewide Performance Based Assessments in Mathematics: Understanding Tennessee’s Efforts to Scale-Up Reform Towards the Common Core State Standards

Dec 2013 - Oct 2014
Examine statewide performance assessment data in TN from the administration of two different tests - one a state standardized test and the second a newly developed set of performance tasks to promote teaching to the CCSS. Identify relationships between performance on assessments and teaching.

Improving the Quality of English Language Arts Instruction through an Observation Protocol

Oct 2012 - Sep 2013
To expand the use of the Response-to-Text Assessment we built for research purposes, we agreed to administer and score writing assessments for this IES project. We have trained 12 undergraduates to score assessments and are studying the reliability and validity of human scoring.

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