Shannon Beth Wanless
Faculty - Director of Office of Child Development

All of my work focuses on the intersection between scholarship and practice. The translation from research findings to implementation can raise new issues that require the expertise of practitioners and policy-makers to adapt and transform recommendations to be successful in real-world contexts serving a wide range of people. In return, it is necessary to gather this collective wisdom and bring it to researchers to inform future questions and study designs so they are increasingly relevant to practice. Applying this approach to a specific field of study, my research focuses on helping early childhood educators use social-emotional teaching practices to improve children's sense of psychological safety to learn at school. Specifically, my lab focuses on implementation science, social-emotional learning, and increasing teacher capacity to help children of all races and cultural backgrounds to engage in learning.

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School Affiliations

Recent Grants

Cary, M.S. (2017-2021). Evaluation of the KinderTEK iPad Math Program. U.S. Department of Education, Institute for Educational Sciences, Washington, D.C.
Remake Learning, Pittsburgh, PA Igniting Racial Equity in Allegheny County's Out-of-School Literacy Ecosystem May 2020 - April 2021 Total Funding: $5,000 PI: Meghan Orman* Team: The 3Rs Community Strand of The Pittsburgh Study
The Grable Foundation, Pittsburgh, PA The Greater Pittsburgh Education Leaders Academy (PELA): Infusing Educational Ecosystems with Culturally Responsive SEL Leadership May 2020-April 2021 Total Funding: $40,000 Co-PIs: Tina Raspanti, Shannon Wanless, Michelle King
The Grable Foundation, Pittsburgh, PA Western PA Early Childhood Education Collaborative Total Funding: $25,000 PI: Colleen Young Team: Billie Rondinelli, Bart Rocco, Jerry Longo, Shannon Wanless
Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, D.C. Early Head Start Home Visiting Program 2019-2020 Total Funding: $4,319,152 PI: Shannon Wanless Team: Family Foundations, Directed by Chris Dunkerley
Wanless, S.B. (2019). My Racial Journey. Open Access Education Resources Award, Provost's Office, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA.

Recent Publications

Neitzel, J., Nemeth, K., & Wanless, S.B. in Collaboration with Iruka, I.U. (2021). Looking inward: Reflections from early education professionals on their journey to reduce bias and racism. Chapter under publication in Equity book published by NAEYC.
Zinsser, K.M. & Wanless, S.B. (2020). Racial disproportionality in the school-to-prison pipeline. In M.C. Stevenson, B.L. Bottoms, & K.C. Burke (Eds.), The legacy of racism for children: Psychology, law, and public policy (pp. 129-150). New York, NY: Oxford.
Wanless, S.B., Crawford, P.A. with Friedman, S. (2020). Books that support diversity, conversations, and play. In S. Friedman & A. Mwenelupembe (Eds.), Each and every child: Teaching preschool with an equity lens. Washington, D.C.: NAEYC.
White, A. & Wanless, S.B. (2019). P.R.I.D.E.: Positive Racial Identity Development in Early Education, Journal of Curriculum, Teaching, Learning and Leadership in Education, 4(2), 73-84.
Wanless, S.B., Cornell, D., Davis, D. (2019). Emotional and physical safety. In D. Osher, M. Mayer, T. Osher, R. Jagers, & K. Kendziora (Eds.), Keeping students safe and helping them thrive: A collaborative handbook for education, mental health, child welfare, safety, and justice professionals, families, and communities: Vol. 1. (Chapter 8). Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger.
Miller, J., Wanless, S.B., & Weissberg, R. (2018). Essential connections between parenting and social and emotional learning: Parenting for competence and parenting with competence. The School-Community Journal, 28(2), 9-28.
Shannon Beth Wanless


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