Sharon Colvin
Graduate Student Researcher

School Affiliations

Recent Grants

Beyond Coming Out: Supportive Relationships, Authenticity and LGBTQ Emerging Adults, Student-Faculty Research Grant, University of Pittsburgh School of Education
The Library as a Learning Space: Youth Services Staff as Educators in the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Student-Faculty Research Grant, University of Pittsburgh School of Education

Recent Publications

Colvin, S., Egan, J., & Coulter, R.W.S. (2019). School Climate & Sexual and Gender Minority Adolescent Mental Health. Journal of Youth and Adolescence 48(10), 1938-1951.
Bowler, L., Akiva, T., Colvin, S. and McNamara, A. (2019). Facilitation in library makerspaces: A prototype for a professional development model. In Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Conceptions of Library and Information Science, Ljubljana, Slovenia, June 16-19, 2019. Information Research, 24(4).
Colvin, S. (2018). Staff and stuff in libraries. Voice of Youth Advocates, 41(5), 42-44.
Colvin, S. & Akiva, T. (Under Review). Supporting Basic Psychological Needs in a Dual-Role Mentorship Program: A Case Study of Two Black, LGBTQ Emerging Adults.
Coulter R.W.S., Colvin S., Arnold G., Akiva T., D'Ambrogi E. & Davis V. (Under Review) Training pre-service teachers to improve their knowledge, attitudes, self-efficacy, and skills for serving lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer students.
Hecht, M. & Colvin, S. (2018). Getting dirty: Little nature in informal learning spaces. Voice of Youth Advocates, 41(1), 34-36.
Sharon Colvin


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