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Conway, S.J. & Brennan, K., Scott, R. (2017) A University Response to the Special Education Teacher Shortage: Extending Professional Development from Teacher Preparation into Novice Years. Submitted to Pennsylvania Teacher Educator Journal.
Teacher preparation programs have potential to play an important role beyond the initial preparation by sustaining special education teachers in the field after graduation. This article describes a model of induction support to promote retention and effectiveness of their special education alumni during their first years in the career developed at the University of Pittsburgh. Preliminary results of the work are included.
Lemons, C. J., Al Otaiba, S., Conway, S. J., & Mellado De La Cruz, V. (2016). Improving Professional Development to Enhance Reading Outcomes for Students in Special Education. In B. Foorman (Ed.), Challenges to implementing effective reading intervention in schools. New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development, 154, 87-104.
The purpose of this article is to focus specifically on professional development that is needed to ensure that preservice and in-service teachers are prepared to deliver intensive intervention to enhance reading outcomes of students in special education. Our aim is to provide recommendations to ensure that special educators are prepared to design and implement data-based individualization in the area of reading. We highlight what special educators need to know to implement data-based individualization and provide recommendations for improving professional development using findings from federally funded projects. Implications for practice and next steps for research and policy are provided. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc More
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