Susan Gillis Kruman

Susan Gillis received her Bachelor of ine Arts degree in dance from the University of Utah and a Master of Education degree from the Universit of Pittsburgh. In New York City she danced with Virgina Laidlaw Dance Theater and the Shoestring Dance Ensemble and was a former director, choreographer and dancer for the Pittsburgh Dance Alloy. She has been the recipient of several choreography and video grants from the PA Council on the Arts, the Pittsbugh Dance Council, the Howard Heinz Foundaton and the Pittsburgh Foundation. In 2007 the New Hazlett Theater included Susan in their first "Women in the Arts: Founders, Pioneers, and Instigators Festival." In 2009 she was the National University Teacher of the Year candidate for the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Rereation and Dance. She has been the faculty advisor for the University Dance Ensemble since 1978 and her on-line tutorial "The Early Moderns," created in 1986, has been a resource for dance students all over the globe. Susan is also a certified yoga teacher and teaches dance and yoga at the University of Pittsburgh.

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Susan Gillis Kruman


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