Tanner LeBaron Wallace

Tanner LeBaron Wallace is an Associate Professor of Applied Developmental Psychology in the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Education. She is an expert in qualitative methods, pioneering the cued-video-response procedure to generate robust data records of individual and collective perceptions of instructional interactions. Her research focuses on how teachers naturally communicate psychological messages during their instructional practice, and how interpersonal connections form social and relational contexts for motivation. Tanner passionately invests in teacher education; her most noteworthy contributions include developing a year-long course focused on enhancing teachers’ social-emotional competencies and promoting critical race consciousness among white educators. Her work has been published in a variety of education research journals including the American Educational Research Journal, Teaching and Teacher Education, and Urban Education.

Tanner earned her B.A. with a double major in English Literature and Asian Studies from the University of Virginia, her M.Ed. in Adolescent Risk and Prevention from Harvard University, and her Ph.D. in Education specializing in social research methods from the University of California, Los Angeles. She is currently a Faculty Fellow in the Center for Urban Education at the University of Pittsburgh and is part of the 1999 Mississippi Delta Corps of Teach for America.

School Affiliations

Recent Grants

Co-Principal Investigator (with Geoffrey Cohen), The role of psychologically wise teaching in student achievement, Raikes Foundation ($74, 465)
Investigating Motivation and Transfer in Physical Science through Preparation for Future Learning Instruction, Co-Principal Investigator (with Timothy Nokes-Malach), National Science Foundation ($593,278.00)

Innovating Motivation Research

May 2014 - Apr 2016

African American Students’ Opportunities to Learn

May 2014 - Apr 2015

Measures of Effective Teaching Early Career Grant

Mar 1, 2013 - Mar 1, 2014

Recent Publications

Wallace, T. L. & Munter, C. (2018). Adolescent perceptions of being known in the mathematics classroom. Journal of Mathematical Behavior. doi: 10.1016/j.jmathb.2018.10.002
Wallace, T. L., & Sung, H. C.* (2016). Student perceptions of autonomy-supportive instructional interactions in the middle grades. Journal of Experimental Education. doi: 10.1080/00220973.2016.1182885
Jensen, B., Wallace, T. L., Steinberg, M. P., Gabriel, R. E., Dietiker, L., Davis, D. S., ...Rui, N. (2019). Complexity and scale in teaching effectiveness research: Reflections from the MET Study. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 27(7). doi: 10.14507/epaa.27.3923
Wallace, T. L., Kelcey, B., & Ruzek, E. (2016). What can student perception surveys tell us about teaching?: Empirically testing the underlying structure of the Tripod student perception survey. 53(6) American Educational Research Journal. doi: 10.3102/0002831216671864
Williams, J. D., Woodson, A. N., & Wallace, T. L. (2016). "Can we say the n-word?": Exploring psychological safety during race talk. Research in Human Development, 13(1), 15-31.
Schall, J.,* Wallace, T. L., & Chhuon, V. (2016). "Fitting in" in high school: How adolescent belonging is influenced by locus of control beliefs. International Journal of Youth and Adolescence. 21(4), 462-475. doi: 10.1080/02673843.2013.866148
 Tanner LeBaron Wallace


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