Tanner LeBaron Wallace
Associate Professor

Associate Professor of Applied Developmental Psychology
Interim Coordinator, Bachelor of Science in Applied Developmental Psychology

For two decades, Dr. Tanner LeBaron Wallace has studied approaches and methods to support human development in learning contexts. Her research on student perceptions of instructional interactions has been published in a number of research journals. Recently, she launched a research agenda focused on adult development and marriage as a particular developmental context. She teaches courses in the undergraduate program on the topics of leadership and human development in context. Tanner encourages students to consider innovative ways of becoming “developmental influencers” by using social media platforms and other non-traditional ways of curating content to promote human flourishing.

Instructional Interests

Health & Human Development

  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Developmental Psychology and Doctor of Philosophy in Education
  • PSYED 1028 & 1029 - Developmental Practice Seminar
  • PSYED 1050 - Supervision and Administration in Child and Youth-Serving Organizations

Scholarly Interests

  • Motivational implications of interactions
  • Learning in context
  • Marriage as a developmental context
  • Well-being and purpose

Featured Publications

  • Wallace, T. L., & Kuo, E. (2020). Publishing qualitative research in the Journal of Educational Psychology: Synthesizing research perspectives across methodological silos [Editorial]. Journal of Educational Psychology, 112(3), 579–583.

  • Wallace, T. L., Parr, A.,* & Correnti, R. (2019). Comparing adolescent and adult assessments of teachers’ classroom management: A case study of the Classroom Learning Assessment Scoring System-Secondary (CLASS-S). Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment. doi: 10.1177/0734282919863229

  • Wallace, T. L. & Munter, C. (2019). Adolescent perceptions of being known in the mathematics classroom. Journal of Mathematical Behavior. 54. doi: 10.1016/j.jmathb.2018.10.002

Engagement, Partnerships, and Professional Service

Member of the University Undergraduate Advising Committee (UUAC), Faculty Mentoring and Advising Standing Subcommittee

Tanner LeBaron Wallace


University of Pittsburgh
4318D Wesley W. Posvar Hall
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Pittsburgh, PA 15260

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